ZOOM Children’s Museum (ZOOM Kindermuseum)

ZOOM Children’s Museum  (ZOOM Kindermuseum)
ZOOM Children’s Museum is a private association that enables children and young people to engage with various topics from the spheres of art, science and culture, playfully and with all of their senses.

Through encounters with art, dialogue with artists, and fun, open-ended activities with others, the kids’ individual skills and interests are recognized and developed. The Children’s Museum creates spaces where they can discover, explore and try out new things in a relaxed atmosphere and on their own.


At ZOOM, children explore the world with all their senses, on their own or in small teams. In their own individual way, they zoom in on objects and situations and, by doing so, find out about themselves and discover their own skills, abilities and creativity. Children playfully acquire sensory impressions and emotive experiences, which set learning processes into motion and allow them to acquire new knowledge. Play comes first at ZOOM and makes learning an individual process enhancing children’s creativity.

More about the ZOOM Children’s Museum (ZOOM Kindermuseum):
Committed to the vision of the 21st Century Education
Vienna, Austria
ZOOM Children’s Museum (ZOOM Kindermuseum)
MuseumsQuartier/Court 2
Museumsplatz 1
1070 Vienna

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