Who we are

We are an international community of museum professionals who care about children deeply.

 Since 1996 we have been cooperating under the umbrella of Hands On! International Association of Children in Museums, internationally recognised as the only European-based organisation dedicated to children in museums on a transnational level, reaching out to over 50 countries.

We are dedicated to equipping children for the challenges of 21st century. Together with our partners and members – and thanks to the funding of the European Union’s Creative Europe program – we have developed a shared vision of museums as well as quality criteria for certification, which can help children’s caregivers in navigating to places worth visiting.

Yes, we really believe that museums can be the education pioneers for 21st century children, places that are so welcoming they feel like “home”!

Would like to join the movement?

Apply for certification or commit to the transformation which will make your organisation a Home of 21st Century Education.