Puppet Museum in Pilsen (Muzeum loutek v Plzni)

Puppet Museum in Pilsen (Muzeum loutek v Plzni)
The Puppet Museum in Pilsen profits on the local rich puppet-acting tradition and describes the activities of puppet theatres in Pilsen and its nearest vicinity.

The story of puppets that the museum narrates starts as late as in the 19th century when people in Pilsen could enjoy theatre performances of strolling folk puppeteers. Part of the exposition focuses on the development of puppetry in Pilsen at the end of the 19th century when the first standing puppet stage – Škoda Theatre – was established. This theatre is represented in the exposition by a unique animated model made according to a well-preserved negative. The story of the puppet theatres continues on the first floor where little family theatres, combining the worlds of children and adults, become a new phenomenon on the imaginary time axis. In addition to the traditionally conceived exhibition areas, the museum also offers a multi-purpose hall where visitors can handle puppets and familiarize themselves with the various puppet-leading techniques.

More about the Puppet Museum in Pilsen (Muzeum loutek v Plzni):
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Pilsen, Czech Republic
Puppet Museum in Pilsen (Muzeum loutek v Plzni)
Republic square 23
301 00 Pilsen
Czech Republic

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