Puppet Museum in Pilsen (Muzeum loutek v Plzni)

Puppet Museum in Pilsen (Muzeum loutek v Plzni)
The Museum of West Bohemia in Pilsen is one of the oldest museums in Bohemia - it was founded in 1878. Due to the huge scope of its historical, industrial arts and natural sciences collections, the museum is one of the largest cultural institutions in the Czech Republic.

The West Bohemian Museum in Pilsen consists of a complex of buildings and branches – in addition to the main building in the historical centre of Pilsen, there is also the Museum of Ecclesiastical Art of the Pilsen Diocese, the Ethnographic Museum of Pilsen region, and the Puppet Museum. In addition to short-term exhibition projects, all branches present permanent exhibitions in which dozens of educational programs are implemented.


When choosing teaching methods, our educators emphasize involving the students in activities and fostering their own interests. The basis of the program is the belief that education above all must entertain, inspire and motivate children to help them towards recognition. Lastly, educators strive to create a positive relationship with memory institutions and demolish prejudices about boring and stereotypical museums.

More about the Puppet Museum in Pilsen (Muzeum loutek v Plzni):
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Pilsen, Czech Republic
Puppet Museum in Pilsen (Muzeum loutek v Plzni)
Kopeckého sady 2
301 00 Plzeň
Czech Republic

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