The Museum of Literature/Children’s Book Museum

The Museum of Literature/Children’s Book Museum
The Museum of Literature/Children’s Book Museum in The Hague is an inspiring place where people can discover, experience and create literary narratives.

The museum is part of the Dutch Literature Museum and Literature Archive Foundation, whose mission it is to showcase the power of literature and the great treasure that is our Dutch literary heritage. It does so by having audiences from every segment of the population discover, experience and create their own literary stories, because literature enriches our lives. The museum believes in the power of literature. Literature moves, entertains and gives hope. It contributes to our personal development. It stimulates the imagination and creativity, sharpens our critical mind, reinforces our own identity and inspires empathy.


Precisely in this complex, mediatised and multicultural society, stories can offer tools that allow us to reflect on ourselves and the world around us. This certainly applies to children. Stories not only help them develop their social and intellectual creativity, they can also help in the development of so-called 21st century skills which enable them to continuously adapt to these fast-changing times. Stories matter, especially now. At the Museum of Literature/Children’s Book Museum, children of all ages can experience stories.


Playing with language and enjoying reading and writing are the main focus in the museum. This way, the museum wants children to discover the enriching power of stories, in both word and image. The museum’s programme is founded on (pedagogic) insights of the target group and powerful exhibit concepts that utilise bold design and modern technologies. The museum brings big and small stories from Dutch (children’s) literature to life.

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Committed to the vision of the 21st Century Education
Den Haag, The Netherlands
The Museum of Literature/Children’s Book Museum
Prins Willem Alexanderhof 5
2595 BE Den Haag
The Netherlands

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