World Museum Rotterdam (Wereldmuseum Rotterdam)

World Museum Rotterdam (Wereldmuseum Rotterdam)
The Wereldmuseum is a museum about people, and offers a mirror of 160 years of collecting by Rotterdammers for Rotterdammers. The Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam is a museum about cultures in the present and the past.

The Wereldmuseum cherishes a collection of more than 83.000 objects from 125 world cultures. Rotterdam has a remarkable cultural diversity with 170+ world cultures present. It is precisely in this super-diverse city that a museum with a global collection can play a connecting role. Sociologists and anthropologists have pin pointed the rapid changes of large cities into superdiverse societies as one of the most important transitions at present.

More about the World Museum Rotterdam (Wereldmuseum Rotterdam):
Committed to the vision of the 21st Century Education
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
World Museum Rotterdam (Wereldmuseum Rotterdam)
Willemskade 25
3016 DM Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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