Tropenmuseum Junior

Tropenmuseum Junior
In recent years Tropenmuseum abandoned the geographical arrangement of the museum to focus on universal themes connecting people worldwide. Current social issues, such as migration and decolonisation, feature prominently.

The Tropenmuseum is a museum of world cultures, housed in one of the most impressive museum buildings in the Netherlands. The museum is posing central questions like: What is the responsibility of public institutions, especially museums that were created as part of a colonial apparatus? It is important to recognize challenges of past & present and to take care of preservation of divergent memories for future generations.


Each and every one of the objects tells a human story and makes you curious about the vast cultural diversity that enriches the world. They tell us about universal themes like mourning, celebrating, decorating, praying or fighting. From Africa to West and Southeast Asia, from New Guinea to Latin America, in the Tropenmuseum you’ll discover that besides the differences, we are all the same: human

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tropenmuseum Junior
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The Netherlands

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