Sladovna Gallery (Sladovna Písek)

Sladovna Gallery (Sladovna Písek)
The dramaturgy of Sladovna Písek revolves around the main programme concept of the “Playful Gallery”. It combines the theme of book illustrations with what is crucial for the development of any child – a “play”.

The basic principle of the exhibitions is simple. Children and their caretakers leave their real world behind for a while and join a story in which they experience many situations. They have to be active, help one another, make decisions and be responsible for their behaviour. We believe that this experience lingers after they leave the exhibitions and go back to the real world, helping them in their learning and development.


More about the Sladovna Gallery (Sladovna Písek):
Home of 21st Century Education
The certificate is valid from 2022 until 2024.
Pisek, Czech Republic
Sladovna Gallery (Sladovna Písek)
Velke namesti 113/1
39701 Pisek
Czech Republic

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