National Museum of Bukovina (Muzeul Național al Bucovinei)

National Museum of Bukovina (Muzeul Național al Bucovinei)
The National Museum of Bukovina is the main cultural operator in Suceava County, representative for the north-eastern part of Romania

It consists of 7 museums (history, ethnography, natural sciences, memorials, art), 1 historic monument (the Princely Fortress of Suceava), 1 open air museum (Bukovinean Village Museum), 5 memorial and ethnographic houses, 2 conservation-restoration laboratories.


The institution offers permanent and temporary exhibitions, museal education, festivals, fairs, traveling exhibitions, works of archaeology, restoration and conservation. NMB offers over 100 cultural events each year, half being projects (creative workshops, historic-educational workshops, museal classes, etc.) dedicated to children and teenagers.


The museum has transformed, in the last years, from a space depositing and exhibiting cultural heritage, into a place where the visitor lives his own story, where vacations can be enjoyed differently, a place fit for experiencing personal events, an increasingly accessed alternative for spending free time – alone, with family or with friends.

More about the National Museum of Bukovina (Muzeul Național al Bucovinei):
Committed to the vision of the 21st Century Education
Suceava, Romania
National Museum of Bukovina (Muzeul Național al Bucovinei)
Ștefan cel Mare Street no. 33
Suceava, 720003

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