Muba – Children’s Museum Milan (Museo dei Bambini Milano)

Muba – Children’s Museum Milan (Museo dei Bambini Milano)
Muba is a centre for the development and dissemination of cultural projects dedicated to children. Muba aims to promote an open view of the world in children through constant research and quality work. Playing, doing, thinking, and growing is what guides Muba on a daily basis in the construction and design of activities.

¬†Children experience, know and learn through play and direct experience, but in addition to being a cultural centre that encourages children’s creative thinking, Muba caters for all ages by offering cultural projects including dedicated visits to high schools and universities, training sessions for teachers, educators and cultural workers, and thematic conferences on temporary play-exhibitions. Muba was the first museum in Milan to successfully present major children’s exhibitions that were unique in terms of size and number of visitors. Muba is located inside the ‘Rotonda di via Besana’ building and is surrounded by a municipal park available to citizens.

More about the Muba – Children’s Museum Milan (Museo dei Bambini Milano):
Committed to the vision of the 21st Century Education
Milan, Italy
Muba – Children’s Museum Milan (Museo dei Bambini Milano)
Via Enrico Besana 12
20122 Milano

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