Mobile Music Museum (MobilesMusikMuseum)

Mobile Music Museum (MobilesMusikMuseum)
From found objects that produce sound to body music and music-playing game rules, from various noisemakers and musical instruments to sound sculptures, the museum has been collecting, preserving and developing musical objects from all over the world and encouraging music making for 30 years.

The Mobile Music Museum Mobilizes Music Making!


The museum’s collections have been exhibited across Germany and internationally in cooperation with museums, exhibition houses, cultural educational institutions, schools, children’s theaters and public events. Children, families and educators are fascinated and empowered to make music through stage programs, ExplorExhibitions, daylong projects and open-air events.


More than 100 giant soundsculptures are assembled to interactive exhibitions for up to 1000 sqm. 4 huge mobile Open Air  SoundPlaygrounds like the “WaterOrchestra, “ToneTubes” and “Metallophone” invite up to 50 people each to play freely, explore sound and music and have intense personal and social experiences.

More about the Mobile Music Museum (MobilesMusikMuseum):
Committed to the vision of the 21st Century Education
Düsseldorf, Germany
Mobile Music Museum (MobilesMusikMuseum)
Meineckestr. 45
40474 Düsseldorf

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