Children´s Museum Verona (CMV)

Children´s Museum Verona (CMV)
The Children’s Museum Verona wants to stimulate new generations’ curiosity and hunger for knowledge. Curiosity exists in each one of us, all we need is creativity, imagination and the desire to get in the game to light it on!

The Children’s Museum Verona is the first museum for children in the North East of Italy and the fourth in Italy.  Using visual, sensory, playful and emotional experiences, the museum aims at transmitting its complex scientific concepts and stimulating creativity. It is the perfect place to discover the world, to practice, to try new things, to touch by encountering unique and unforgettable experiences driven by the power of curiosity.  A space for everyone, young and adults, where you can manipulate objects, observe and learn about the surrounding world, exploring your potential. A place where adults and children are called to discover together all the museum’s contents and interactive exhibits, becoming actors and protagonists of a unique experience.


The Children’s Museum Verona is a museum suitable for children from 0 to 12 years old. It is interactive, with a high experiential content based on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics). It’s part of Hands On! – International Association of Children’s Museums and is a member of ECSITE – European Network of Science Center and Museums, with which it shares the philosophy of informal learning and the teaching of scientific subjects through direct experience.

More about the Children´s Museum Verona (CMV):
Home of 21st Century Education
Verona, Italy
Children´s Museum Verona (CMV)
Via Santa Teresa 12
37135 Verona VR

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