Midt-Troms Museum

Midt-Troms Museum
The Children's Museum in Midt-Troms offers hands-on activities focused on cultural history and social sciences - a place where children can learn about history and society in the past and present.

The exhibition”Midt-Troms in miniature” presents our museum region’s cultural history — life and industries on sea and land. It uses all the digital tools that are part of childrens´ world today as well as providing a timely, interactive and playful introduction to the farm, the Saami cabin and tent, the store, the pier, transportation, and the fishing boat.


The Children’s Museum is an anchor institution for children and families in Troms and Finnmark county. It strengthens existing revitalization processes and business development throughout the region and is an attraction / destination with positive ripple effects within tourism and other industries. The Children’s Museum in Midt-Troms is a completely unique development in Norway’s museum landscape.

More about the Midt-Troms Museum:
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Bardufoss, Norway
Midt-Troms Museum
Sundliveien 188
9325 Bardufoss

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